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Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre

ARSAC in brief

Objectives of the centre

Autonomous Council

ARSAC(Assam Remote Sensing Application Centre) was established under ASTEC(Assam Science Technology and Environment Council)

Research & Development

To develop Remote Sensing Techniques and their application for Natural Resources Management in the State                  

Joint Collaboration

To act as Partner Institute in various National Missions initiated by National Natural Resources Management System(NNRMS) of ISRO

Development Plan

To generate resource information both in spatial (map) and non spatial( attribute) forms using Remote Sensing & Geographical Information System


To provide training and consultancy facilities in remote sensing to the user agencies with both visual as well as digital interpretation tools


Satellite Imagery Analysis

Remote sensing data provides essential information that helps in monitoring various applications such as image fusion, change detection and land cover classification. Remote sensing is a key technique used to obtain information related to the earth’s resources and environment.

Drone Imagery Analysis

UAVs can be used for remote sensing, photogrammetry and surveying. Optical cameras, thermal images, RADAR, LiDAR and many other types of cameras and sensors can be placed on board an UAV and along with a navigation system,geographic data can be obtained. The captured data can then be used for classification, image interpretation, photogrammetry, surveying

Crop Acreage and Production Estimation (CAPE) of Assam

Forest Cover Dynamics Study and Afforestation Site Identification through Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Integrated Studies of Major Wetlands of Goalpara District of Assam using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques

Pre harvest crop acreage and production Estimation ( FASAL) A regular project sponsored by Ministry of Agriculture and farmer's Welfare, Govt. of India

Banana cultivation site suitability study



BHUVAN is an online geo-platform developed by National Remote Sensing Centre(NRSC),ISRO, GOI Hyderabad. It was released in 2009, which initially focused on image and map visualization services but has diversified over a period of time. As of 2018, more than 6000+ maps and OGC services, 64+ applications and 30 state portals have been configured and deployed live

Better utilization of the State specific Geo-spatial data and services

Data prepared by State Centre is made available on the Bhuvan Node Server

Bhuvan provides and hosts additional services on state related data

Bhuvan State Node is implemented for distributed load balancing of core geo-portal



NeSDR is a Scheme sponsored by North Eastern Council/Ministry of DoNER , GOI through North Eastern Space Application Centre (NESAC). With a few objectives as under

To create Spatial Data Repository (SDR) of NER

Facilitate data sharing & dissemination gateway for maximum utilization of Spatial inputs for various developmental planning activities or governance of NE region

GIS data cataloguing generated at different scales, different time period in different format by DOS/SRASCs


Governance Application CRIME GIS (Assam Police)

Digital maps are the quickest means of visualising the entire crime scenario. The locations of crime events, arrests, etc. can be routinely displayed on maps. Crime mapping supports many forms of operational, tactical, investigative and strategic policing and crime reduction activity

Data Visualization and Real time crime monitoring

Facilitating Search & Query by attribute,multiple attribute filtering

Report generation and proximity analysis


RUSA GIS (Deptt. of Higher Education, GoA)

The digital mapping of educational institutions along with the ward/village boundary, road access and major settlement provides the ground reality in terms of spatial and social coverage of institutes with respect to population density

WEB GIS map with geo-points of Higher Educational Institutes

Space technology powered Dashboard for administrators

Dynamic data display on geo-point click


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